Wednesday, July 29, 2015

::EXPO 1.9:: First Look!

Hello Crafty Miners and welcome to a new post series that will look at new items and blocks that are coming to Minecraft and the World of RAAR. Just like the World's Fair Expositions, we will show you the possibilities for the future. It's an exciting time and we have a lot of new things to show you from the latest 1.9 snapshot... the first in almost a year! So let's get to it.

Our first look is at several new building blocks coming your way. The Purpur block has a pinkish/purple stone texture and comes in half slabs and stairs. 

There is also a pillar block variation on the pinkish block and can be placed just like logs and quartz pillars.

End Stone Bricks are now a thing as well.

The End Rod is a curious item. It can be placed in any direction and omits smokey wisps. The rods also produce light which could prove useful in future builds.

You can now mount a dragon head on the wall. Just like player/mob heads, this item can be placed wherever you desire.

There are now a variety of arrows that can be used. Each one offers a different enchantment such as swiftness. These will be nice for decoration.

More food can also be found and produced. These include Beetroot and Chorus Fruit

There is now growth in the End. The Chorus plant and flower are purplish plants that only will grow on end stone. The Chorus plant is just the stalk of the Chorus flower. It can be placed on each other to create unique designs, however if the stalks are placed side by side they will break like cactus. The Chorus flower will grow and split its stalk until the flower turns into a pod. 

Chorus Plant Stalk

Lastly, iron bars and single block glass planes have received an update as well. The texture of the iron bars now includes a top and bottom plate. The single iron bar and pane of glass appears as a long single block. This could prove useful on future builds but might mess up some of the older designs.

We hope you have enjoyed this brief look at the new items and blocks that will be coming in 1.9. Be sure to check back for more Expo 1.9 updates and until we meet again... Happy Crafting!